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Inconsistencies around grading with group assigned assessments



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      So we've noticed some problems when a Samigo assessment is released to a group.

      Take this case

      • Create an assessment "Assessment A" that's worth points, publish to a group of students, click release grades to Gradebook in the settings

      Take the "Assessment A" as a student in that group then go back to the instructor. The score for that student should be published in the GB Classic and GBNG.

      Now here's the interesting part, click on Scores on the assessment click on "Entire Site" instead of just the "Released Section" you can give a score to any student. Adjust a student that's not part of this group. Now look at the gradebooks. Here's my observations

      Course Grade:
      GBNG - All the scores on A whether they're in the group or not appear and are used in the calculations!
      GB1 - Only scores for students actually in the "Assessment A" group are included in the calculations. However in score entered does appear on the "All Grades" page!

      Individual students grade
      GBNG/GB1 - The scores from the assessment items where they're not in the group don't appear when clicking on the individual student or when the student logs in.

      I tested in GB2 and the score appeared everywhere, it didn't take into account the group at all.

      So the question. Should the group be considered on the grading page if a score is manually adjusted and only students with grades actually in the group included? If so there are bugs to fix, if not there are still bugs to fix!

      I don't know if this is a Samigo issue or issue for Gradebook NG/Gradebook 1.

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