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Late submissions that allow late submissions / prior submitters cannot submit



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: OPEN
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 2.8.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
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    • Environment:
      Sakai 2.8.0-rc04
      Local ( Oncourse )
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      Summary: In assessments that allow late submissions, prior submitters are not permitted to complete submissions after due date

      This problem affects assessments using the following settings:

      • Time limit
      • Due date specified
      • Multiple submissions allowed
      • Late Submissions will be accepted and will be tagged late during grading

      In cases where the difference between the start time and the due date is smaller than the time limit, students who have no prior submissions are permitted to continue working on the assessment after the due date for the entire allotted time and submit after the due date. However, students who already have at least one prior submission are not permitted to work past the due date. The timer shows the full time limit, but the in-progress submission is auto-submitted on the specified due date without saving the most recently accessed page (which may contain a single question, a part, or the entire assessment). Both submissions are marked late, but the prior submitter is further penalized by the fact that he is forced to submit and responses aren't saved.

      If the student with the prior submission clicks any button or the Table of Contents link while in the assessment and it is after the due date/time, the student is kicked out of the assessment and a message displays "Late submissions not allowed." While approximately 10 minutes after this submission the assessment shows up under submitted assessments and also on the Activity Report, it never shows up as submitted under the Event Log.

      If a student starts the assessment for the first time before the due date/time and finishes after the due date/time, or starts the assessment after the due date/time, all questions answered show as answered, whether the test auto-submits or the student submits.

      Each Question is on a separate Web page: the last question the student was on when the test auto-submitted, or was submitted by the student, will show as unanswered.
      Each Part is on a separate Web page: the last part the student was on when the test auto-submitted, or was submitted by the student, will show as unanswered.
      The complete Assessment is displayed on one Web page: test will show as unanswered.

      What should be the expected behavior?
      If the student has already submitted a test before the due date, and is taking the test again as the due date passes, but still has time left on the timer the system should either:
      1) Continue until the timer runs out and allow all answers to be submitted, and mark the test late.
      2) Warn the student that the due date has passes and since the student has already submitted a test before the due date, this test will not be submitted.

      To reproduce:
      Need 2 student accounts to test this
      Create a timed assessment with the settings as below, (changing date/time)

      Available Date: 05/17/2011 12:05:51 PM
      Due Date: 05/17/2011 12:25:00 PM
      Timed: 15 minutes
      Unlimited submissions
      Late submissions accepted
      Saved assessments will be automatically submitted after the due date passes.

      Student1: Complete and submit the assessment before the due date

      Student1: Open the assessment again when there are only 5-10 minutes before the due date. The timer will show the full 15 minutes.

      *Answer all questions correctly, (makes it easier to see the problem)
      *Either click any button (Next, Save, etc) or the Table of Contents link after the due date has passed, or let the assessment self-submit when the timer runs out.

      Page displays stating "Late Submission not allowed"
      Assessment is not shown under Submitted Assessments until approx 10 minutes after submission.

      *Start the assessment either 5-10 minutes before the due date/time or after the due date/time has passed.
      *Answer all questions, then submit the assessment.

      Assessments submits and displays under Submitted Assessments

      Instructor view:
      The assessment for student1 shows as being in progress, while the assessment for student2 shows as submitted and tagged as Late.
      Wait approx 10 minutes, then the second assessment for student1 shows up and is marked as Late.

      Event Log:
      Student1 has a submit entry for the first time the assessment was taken, but for the second submission it states "No Submission." The Event Log does not update, even after the assessment shows submitted on the assessments page.
      Student2 shows as having submitted the assessment.

      Activity Report:
      The activity report shows student2's submission, but does not show student1's second submission.
      After approx 10 minutes, student1's second submission shows up.

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