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Randomization failure when creating a quiz from a question pool



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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Populate a question pool with the folllowing procedure:
      1.1 Create a question that we will use as a model (the same question text but with different numeric data)
      1.2 Create a new question using the model above.
      1.3 Create a second question model and another question (i.e. repeat steps #1-#2)
      2. Do the same with 11 questions pools.
      3. Create (and publish) a quiz with 11 parts, each part loaded "randomly" from a different question pool.
      4. When students take the exam we have observed the following:
      4.1 Numeric answer questions from two models are not mixed but MC/SA questions are mixed.
      4.2 It seems that when generating a quiz, it takes the first question from each pool for the first quiz; the second question from each pool, for the second quiz; and so on.

      It seems as if Samigo uses the same seed to determine which question to take from each pool. This seed should recalculated for each question pool.

      NOTE: Question pools only have numeric answer or multiple choice, single answer (MC/SA) questions, but not mixed. If a pool has numeric answer questions, it won't have MC/SA questions and viceversa.
      NOTE: Numeric answer questions have four choices and MC/SA have three choices.

      Hope this helps.

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