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samigo: Feedback: Remove OR clarify dependency between QUESTION LEVEL *Grader's comments* and *Student Response*



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      Instructors can select an option to show Grader's Comments to students. There are TWO types of text boxes in the Scores screens of the test where the instructor can enter comments: at the assessment level (these comments can be added either on Total Scores or while scoring an individual student's submission) or at the question level (text box available for each individual question, comments can be entered either on the Questions grading screens or while scoring an individual student's submission). If the instructor enters comments at the question level and enables Grader's Comments but does NOT also enable Student Response in the feedback, the students won't be able to see the question-level comments.

      I came across SAM-1433 and suspect it was closed because Grader's Comments were tested at the assessment level (assessment level comments WILL display separately from Student Response) and NOT at the question level.

      An instructor at UVA encountered this issue in Sakai 10.2 and it still exists in our instance of 11.2 and on nightly experimental.

      There are two possible solutions to this issue:

      1. Ideally, remove dependency between QUESTION-LEVEL Grader's Comments and Student Response so that grader's comments display even if they don't show the answers the student selected/entered.
      2. OR make the instructor aware of the issue, for example IF the instructor selects the Grader's Comments box, display the following text (should display only on enabling the option):
        • Must also enable Student Response to display question-level comments in addition to general comments to students.

      To reproduce:

      1. Create an assessment with at least one question. Enable Feedback on Submission and under Release Questions and the following, choose Graders Comments only.
      2. Log in as student and take the assessment.
      3. Log in as instructor/grader and go to Published Copies > Scores for the test.
      4. Select the student's name.
      5. Enter Comments or Add Attachments for at least one SPECIFIC QUESTION (Note: If you only enter comments in the text box at the top of the screen, you won't see the dependency).
      6. Log in as student and view the feedback. The grader comments do not display for the question.
      7. Log in as instructor. Go to Published Copies > Settings for the test.
      8. Under the feedback options, ALSO select Student Response.
      9. Log in as student and view feedback again. This time the grader comments are visible.

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