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samigo: Messages related to specific question types should only appear if question type enabled



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      SAM-2296 introduced the ability to selectively disable question types locally in Sakai properties.

      Issue: Certain question types have messages that display in Samigo whether or not the question type is enabled in the local Sakai instance. If the corresponding question type is disabled, the message can be confusing to those authoring assessments (or make them realize something is missing that they want to use as a result, even if it's been turned off because it's buggy). To remove each erroneous message, a local patch is needed.

      Thus far, I've only noticed one question-specific message because it's the only question type UVA has disabled. If there are other messages corresponding to specific question types, I'd encourage others to add them in description below.

      Proposed Fix: Condition each question-specific message on the presence of the question in the local instance of Sakai.

      A new Sakai property might be needed to handle this? For example, IF samigo.question.show.showImageMapQuestion = false, THEN samigo.question.warning.showImageMapWarning = false

      To see message for Image Map questions when question type disabled:

      1. In Sakai Properties for the Sakai instance, set samigo.question.show.showImageMapQuestion = false.
      2. Create an assessment with at least one question.
      3. Select Export from the drop-down for the test.
      4. See message:

        Note: Hot Spot questions won't be exported because they don't match with a standard question type. You can copy them from a site to another one using question pools or the Import from Site feature.

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