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Make the CKEditor available for all text fields by default



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      In the various question authoring screens in Samigo, you need to enable the CKEditor for any text fields by selecting EITHER a Show Rich-Text Editor OR Show All Rich-Text Editors link - the link available differs by question type. This is counterintuitive to users -
      you don't need to enable the editor elsewhere in Sakai, and the variability of the links across question types is also confusing (see SAM-3260).

      This is a feature request to simply display the editor automatically for all text fields available to the instructor. Reasons for this are below.

      1. Samigo is the only place you need to manually enable the editor to use it.
      2. The editor is required for even basic formatting, and most instructors don't know they need to enable it before authoring a question (e.g. paragraph breaks silently fail to save if you enter them in the text boxes).
      3. CKEditor does not open by default on editing a question with rich text content.
        This is a big problem for any instructors trying to use images or LaTeX in question pool questions because accessing a question within a pool causes you to edit it. The editors are not visible on accessing the question and the rich text content is garbled into HTML tags.
      4. SAM-3260 - Concerns have been raised regarding the inconsistency in the UI of the Show Rich-Text Editor vs. Show All Rich-Text Editors links. Although the Show All link is helpful to open all editors when authoring a multiple choice questions, it's awkwardly placed (above the question text box) if you just want to enter rich text content in a feedback box at the bottom of the screen.

      There are multiple screens in instructor authoring (Working Copies, Published Copies, AND Question Pools) that include the Show Editor type links. All of these screens will need testing/verification after the change is made. Additionally, the rich text output in student delivery and feedback will need to be verified. I have created a test plan in a Google doc (it's over a hundred steps long!) linked under the Testing section for testing after CKEditors are enabled everywhere in authoring.

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