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Samigo suggested text string changes for clarification in settings


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      Per some discussion in Sakai QA, there are a few places in the samigo Settings and authoring pages that tend to confuse instructors. I'd like to propose some text string changes/additions to help clarify the potentially confusing text.


      The distinction between Immediate Feedback (i.e. students can click a link WHILE in the process of taking the assessment) and Feedback on Submission (students get feedback immediately after submitting the assessment) is not very clear. Additionally, if Feedback on Submission is selected, the student's samigo screen displays the text Immediate in reference to the feedback they can view. Upon selecting Immediate Feedback, I suggest that the following text should display styled in a red warning box on the Settings screen to clarify the Immediate Feedback option:

      • Feedback can be viewed by students while they take the assessment. Students can change their responses accordingly.

      Question Editing

      In the assessment Edit screens, where you author questions, if you have Question-Level Feedback or Both enabled in the Settings, you have text boxes with the following labels for auto-scored questions (e.g. Calculated Question, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Multiple Choice, Numeric Response, True False):

      • Correct Answer (optional)
      • Incorrect Answer (optional)

      Instructors don't always understand that Correct Answer (optional) means: This is what displays in Feedback when the student selects the correct answer option. Rather, they enter the correct answer in the box, thinking it displays for students who answer incorrectly and vice versa. I suggest the following change to the field labels:

      • Display feedback below if student selects correct answer (optional)
      • Display feedback below if student selects incorrect answer (optional)

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