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Samigo: Soft delete for PUBLISHED exams WITH SUBMISSIONS, with users able to restore



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    • SAM-3237


      Deleting a published assessment in Samigo with submissions results in the loss of a test that only developers can restore by accessing the database directly.  As a result, a more drastic feature to allow actual purging of student submissions and several counter-features to prevent deletion have been added, so now it can be difficult and frustrating to remove published exams with submissions (for example, see SAM-3091, SAM-2901, SAM-3177, SAM-3210).

      I propose that we add a feature to Softly delete published assessments, which instructors can then restore for a certain amount of time, defined at the institutional level (e.g. 1 year).  I believe this would greatly reduce the risk of accidentally removing submissions, while allowing instructors to delete exams that they took themselves in student view (i.e. no actual students took them - see SAM-3091).

      The feature would leverage the existing Remove option, which places a database flag on the assessment in question to indicate that it is deleted.

      Rather than remove the assessment from instructor access when this flag is applied, create a new Removed or Trash section under Published Copies which will allow for the following:

      1. As exam removal does already, remove an associated gradebook entry for the deleted exam if it exists.
      2. Push the removed exam to the bottom of the Published Copies list, underneath all "live" (not deleted, whether active or inactive) published exams.
      3. Add a trash bin icon to the left of the removed exam, with appropriate alt text indicating it's deleted.
      4. (Maybe?) Gray out the title of the deleted exam (since Sakai does that with other invisible content).
      5. Remove all standard options from the drop-down menu for the affected exam, and replace them with a single Restore option.

      The following needs to be taken into account: neither Samigo nor Gradebook will accept two items with the same title.  Allowing soft deletion will require additional code to handle this title issue:

      1. Preferably: Automatically modify the title of an assessment on Restore.  For example, append - RESTORED to the title.  If multiple items with the same title are restored, append a number to their titles as well, similar to how duplicating exams appends a Copy #1, Copy #2, etc.
      2. Undesirable, but may be necessary if #1 is impossible: Prevent the user from publishing an exam that has the same name as an existing one, and give them an appropriate error message to let them know they already have a deleted exam with that title, so they must modify the title of the new exam.


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