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      This is a request for a new feature: Partial credit for the Multiple Choice/Multiple Selection question type. 

      In this new Partial Credit option, scoring for the question would function similar to that of Fill in the Blank and Matching questions.  The total point value of the question is divided by the number of answer options, BOTH correct and incorrect.

      Following the logic of the proposed scoring method, if at least one correct answer has been selected, a student will get partial credit for either selecting the correct answer or correctly ignoring wrong answers.

      More details and an example:

      The existing Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct scoring option of Right Less Wrong is unfavorable to many instructors.  In Right Less Wrong scoring, the total point value of the question is divided by the number of Correct answers.  Points are subtracted from the score for either failing to select a correct answer OR selecting an incorrect answer, with minimum point value of 0 if this would technically render the resulting score negative.

      An instructor at UVA proposes the following new scoring option for Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct Partial Credit (apologies for the bulleted list - I couldn't make JIRA give me a numbered list with letters instead of numbers.  "Correct minus Incorrect" is a renamed "Right Less Wrong" question - no one understood what "Right Less Wrong" meant):

      As an example, imagine the following question was worth 1.5 points. Each correct answer would be worth +0.25 points to the overall score, and each correctly ignored wrong answer would also be worth +0.25 points:

      Which of the following are animals? 

      • A. Dog
      • B. Cat
      • C. House
      • D. Mug
      • E. Pig
      • F. Monkey

      So, if a student selected A, B, and C, he/she would get +0.25 for A, +0.25 for B, and +0.25 for D (since it was correctly ignored), for a total of 0.75 on the positive side. Though C is an incorrect response, in this case we are working with partial credit (for a new feature), not right less wrong, therefore we don't deduct any points for this answer. Therefore the final result is .75.

      Essentially, each answer is systematically graded on a correct/incorrect basis and is worth a value equal to the point total for the question divided by the number of choices.

      The difference between this method and the current ‘Correct minus Incorrect’ is subtle, so it’s understandable if there is not enough impetus to make an actual change, but I appreciate your help!

      Based on comments below, I'm adding another example of the proposed scoring method to hopefully clarify:

      If a question with 3 possible answer options is worth 6 points, each answer option is worth 2 points.

      The following are even numbers:

      • A. 1 (incorrect - you get 2 points if you do NOT select this answer)
      • B. 2 (correct - you get 2 points if you DO select this answer)
      • C. 4 (correct - you get 2 points if you DO select this answer)
      Student Selects Student Scores Why this Score?
      B and C only 6 points Full credit for selecting both right answers and ignoring the wrong one
      A and B 2 points +2 points for selecting B, but no points earned for ignoring A or selecting C.
      A only 0 points You didn't select any correct answers, only the wrong one.
      Nothing selected 0 points The question wasn't answered.  Even though ignoring the wrong answer would technically award points, points should only be awarded for correctly ignored wrong answers if at least one other answer is selected.

      The second row in the table above is where this proposed scoring method differs from Right Less Wrong. Because Right Less Wrong assigns points only to correct answers, awards points for selecting correct answers, and removes points for selecting incorrect answers, the student in Row 2 above would get 0 points = +3 points earned for selecting the right answer, -3 points for selecting the wrong answer.

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