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Tests & Quizzes - Add assessment setting to decide impact of extra credit on total points possible



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      REFERENCE: https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAM-1113

      With the ability of an instructor to mark a question as "extra credit," the question remains – how does this impact the total points earned in relation to the total points possible? Should an assessment's total points earned cap at 100% or allow for greater than 100%?

      Please allow an assessment-level setting where a professor can select whether the total points earned by students can exceed (or not) the total points possible. I would imagine a setting under "Grading and Feedback" with a heading of "Extra Credit" and a radio button option for either "Allow extra credit to exceed the total points possible (students can earn more than 100%)" or "Do not allow extra credit to exceed the total points possible (students cannot earn more than 100%)." NOTE: I could also see a checkbox with only one option. I feel that having clear options with explanations may be more user-friendly for an instructor, but I am totally open to community feedback whether radio buttons with the two options or a single checkbox with only one option is best for user experience.

      In addition, please allow the institution to set a flag to establish the default behavior for this setting. I would recommend that the "out of the box" (OOTB) default value should be set to exceed 100% (no cap). I can see the institutional flag(s) offering to either select option A (more than 100%), option B (cap at 100%), disable instructor selection (institution makes the grading choice; setting not displayed in Settings for instructor at all), or even disable extra credit as an option (option to flag question as extra credit removed, no setting for calculation preference). This may be too many options, so I defer to wisdom of others here.

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