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samigo: Can't null dates after a date has been entered



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      In Sakai 11.2, once you enter a date in samigo, you can't null it. Sometimes, instructors want null dates (for example, for a placement exam that will be reused over years). UVA has developed a Clear date option (controlled with an X icon for visual users) to null unwanted dates and will contribute back.

      Note: The Clear date option has been tested for accessibility - X icon is in the tab order of the Settings page and has appropriate alt tag.

      Testing Steps


      • Clear cache before beginning
      • Test in multiple browsers
      • Test both for creating a new assessment and editing settings on a published assessment - these are two separate places in the code!
      1. In a site with at least one student, create a quiz with at least one question.
      2. Go to Settings.
      3. Enter some dates in each of the following date fields:
        • available
        • due
        • late submissions accepted > Yes, until
        • Grading and Feedback > enable feedback at specific date
      4. Save
      5. Edit the Settings.
      6. Verify that the clear X button clears each date-picker (sets them null) as expected
      7. Save, then edit Settings again, and confirm all nulled dates are still correctly null.
      8. Add some dates back in, Save and Publish.
      9. Go to Published Copies and repeat steps 1-7 above for editing a published copy.
      10. Verify when on the Settings screen in both Working Copies and Published Copies, you can access the X icon and use it to clear the date with a keyboard only (e.g. hit the Tab key until the icon takes focus, then Enter to trigger its action). Confirm that the X icon has an Alt tag: Clear Date.

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