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Comments entered into the Tests & Quizzes Total Scores page should be sent to the Gradebook



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      Problem: from our tech support "TAs and instructors have asked for the comments they enter in (Tests & Quizzes) to be sent to the Gradebook the way scores are. For gradebook records sent from (Tests & Quizzes), there is no way to edit the scores/comments directly in the Gradebook, so that leaves a Comments field that can't be used."

      Solution: if instructor opts to have scores sent, it should send comments; all comments would then have to be edited from T&Q. This involves making changes to 4 screens, as pictured in attached (Tests & Quizzes is called "Assignments" at Stanford, so that is how it is referred to in picture)
      1) Settings
      2) Two screens as instrutor views submitted assignments
      3) One screen for students

      Note that max character limit as well as acceptable characters for comments in Samigo should match or be more limited than limits within Gradebook, but it's not clear if there are limits in GB. Need to discuss with developer how user is alerted or warned.

      Also, would also recommend either
      a) warning instructors as they enter comments into T&Q that students would be able to see these comments instantly, even if the feedback settings specifically ask not to share comments or not to share them until a certain date. (will enter separate JIRA)
      b) changing the way scores and comments are shared with Gradebook so that it does take into account the date and types of feedback that are available to students

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