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Students should have a URL in their Schedule that takes them to an assessment



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      Students, in order to complete the work described in a calendar, could use a link to complete that assessment

      SAM-1121 allows instructors to have Tests & Quizzes make an entry in the Schedule that tells students when an assessment is due. However, first they see the entry in their calendar, then they have to go find the course site, then click Tests & Quizzes, then find the assignment, then click it and start it.

      If students had a URL in their Schedule that took them directly to the assessment description, it would save many clicks and reduce student error (which course, what was name of assignment?). First priority would be for this to be clickable from My Workspace, second from an iCal export.

      Looking at Assignments integration with Schedule, there seems to be an additional field called Assignment Link that holds the URL (you can only see this field in Full Details, which takes three clicks to navigate to; I think it should be displayed sooner, but that is a separate JIRA).

      Once the Calendar is exported to iCal, however, this field is nowhere to be found. There is a field in iCal called URL that seems to accept URLs and treat them as links, whereas other fields are just treated as text. If you can click the link, login and go directly to the assessment, this would be ideal (will file separate JIRA to address fact that only way to view your Schedule in iCal is as an exported URL that does not dynamically update)

      If needed, I can spec this out more thoroughly, but could use some discussion. It would be good if this link could work from external calendars as well as from Sakai Schedule/Calendar

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