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xmlbeans 2.6.0


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      Changes in V2.6.0 since V2.5.0

      • Add new xml option CopyUseNewSynchronizationDomain used for copy.
        This fixes the scenario when copy and access (ex. selectPath) are used
        in a multithreading environment.
      • Entitize \r when not in pretty print, this helps with maintainig \r
      • Fix validation of integer value containing dot char.
      • Fix chars in comments to avoid errors in IntelliJ under linux.
      • Update durations to latest spec.
      • Fix for compiling schema that contains complex type with simple
        content that has facets defined in the base simple type
      • Fix for Piccolo lexer when read method returns 0.
      • Fix to preserve the CDATA bookmarks when copy from one xmlobject to
      • Fix bug when resizing circular buffer in saver's output stream
      • Fix for bug when not specifing type for a particle in derived schema
        type and when minOccurs is 0.
      • Fixed error messages when contain base and derived type names.
      • Introducing a default maximum entity replacement limit of 10kb, it can
        be controled by using the option XmlOptions.setLoadEntityBytesLimit.
      • Fixed javadoc for inst2xsd and xsd2inst tools.
      • Fix NPE in SchemaTypeImpl.getEnumJavaClass().
      • Added multiple entry points and refactored code for xsd2inst code.
      • Remove org.w3c.dom files from xbean.jar.
      • Add another xpath and xquery interface implementation.
      • Add src/xmlinputstream classes org.apache.xmlbeans.xml.stream.* to
      • Make bootstrap run twice to avoid GUMP error emails.
      • Fix for bug XMLBEANS-396: GML 3.1.1 generated code fails to compile.
      • Fix for bug XMLBEANS-412: Pattern facet regex requires dash - to be
      • Fix for bug XMLBEANS-414: error cvc-complex-type.2.1: Element 'XXXX'
        with empty content type cannot have text or element content.

      Changes in V2.5.0 since V2.4.0

      • Exit codes for InstanceValidator
      • Decimal precision handling fix in xsd2inst
      • Option to perform additional, stricter Schema validation checks: XMLBEANS-350
      • updated pattern for dayTimeDuration
      • Extended year min/max value limitations
      • Support for date and time types with hour 24.
      • NOTATION built-in type
      • DocType fix when root element is changed
      • "User types" feature - allows mapping of Schema simple types to custom user Java classes
      • Nested enumeration type compilation error fix: XMLBEANS-381
      • Deadlock fix in generated impl setter simple and array
      • Required attribute fix in streaming validator
      • Many other fixes and optimizations

      Changes in V2.4.0 since V2.3.0

      • Pluggable XPath/XQuery engine support
      • Upgraded support for Saxon 9
      • Added Schema compilation option to skip errors in case duplicate component declarations are encountered.
      • Finer grained support for CDATA
      • Tool to generate XPath for a given cursor position in a document
      • added more fine-grained control over XML to Java name mapping
      • Add support for JVM-supported encodings
      • Adding XmlError codes
      • Replace static HashMaps with WeakHashMaps
      • Fix for XMLBEANS-309 Warnings on Generated code
      • Fix for XMLBEANS-361 invalid NaN comparisons
      • Fix qname marshaling when empty namespace
      • Various other bug fixes

      Changes in V2.3.0 since V2.2.0

      • Improved Saxon support, Saxon 8.8 became the recommended version
      • Added options to control use of CDATA sections when saving to XML
      • Added support for QNames in Schema annotations
      • Added support for new encodings: UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE, CP936/GBK.
      • Fix: overzealous whitespace cropping after parsing entities like & (XMLBEANS-274)
      • Fix: selectPath() with setXqueryCurrentNodeVar() option does not work for Saxon (XMLBEANS-276)
      • Fix: synchronization problem with array setters
      • Fix: Saver$TextSaver.replace method throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (XMLBEANS-209)
      • Fix: QNameSet generated by QNameSet.forArray(QName[]) can't be unioned with other QNameSets (XMLBEANS-290)
      • Fix: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when saving XML (XMLBEANS-291)
      • Fix: XQuery gives wrong result with Saxon 8.6.1 (XMLBEANS-275)
      • Fix: bug during generation of complex types with simple content
      • Fix: improved error handling during loading of Schema type system
      • Fix: bugs in Duration serialization
      • Fix: XMLCursor.getTextValue()
      • Fix: Remove year zero from GDate, GDateBuilder and XmlCalendar per XMLSchema spec D.3.2

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