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Samigo - Tests & Quizzes -- Correct Feedback settings to identify dependencies


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      In Tests & Quizzes, some selections in the feedback options will not display to the end-user, or worse, will display incorrect information, if other selections are not made. This means that there are dependencies that are not currently communicated in the feedback settings. Please clarify in the user interface design any dependencies and remove any dependencies if necessary.

      Example 1:
      A professor can select "Question level feedback" and/or "Selection level feedback" by themselves. However, this feedback will not display unless "Student Response" is selected. This is a dependency that currently exists but is not visually communicated through the settings. To resolve this issue, the two options for X-level feedback should be: (a) located near the dependent item, "Student Response"; (b) grayed out until "Student Response" is selected; and/or (c) nested/indented beneath the dependency to communicate the relationship. (Worse, we are often seeing the "Incorrect" feedback response displayed to the student if "Student Response" is not displayed – even when the student answered the question correctly.)

      Example 2:
      A professor can select "Grader's comments" in the feedback options, however, these will not currently display unless "Student Response" is selected. In this situation, there should not be a dependency. I can see valid use-cases where a professor would want to share comments to a specific student about a specific question and yet not display the response or correct answer.

      As you review the design of the settings for Tests & Quizzes, please take Example 1 into consideration.
      As you prepare the next version of Tests & Quizzes, please correct the dependency for grader's comments. There should not be a dependency.

      Thank you for considering these corrections/improvements to Tests & Quizzes.

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