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Autosubmit works such that it allows "In Progress" assessments for ever.



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      • A teacher creates an assessment. In the settings: allow 2 submissions. Check the automatic submissions feature.
      • A student takes the assessment. He submits it.
      • Later, the student takes the assessment again. But he does not submit it.
      • The teacher can see 1 assessment submitted and 1 assessment in progress.
      • When the assessment is retracted the quartz process analizes all the submissions, but will not submit the "in progress" assessment because the student submitted it previously.
      • The teacher will see 1 assessment in progress for ever.

      This is confusing because it seems that a student forgot submit his assessment. But teachers think the automatic submission process should do this.

      In such case, I think we can do both delete the submissions or does not show these submissions as "In Progress". This patch does the second option, that is, it hides the submissions

      Remember that to prove this patch some admin work must be done.

      • It must be created a job scheduler of type "AutoSubmit". If it doesn't exist you will need to:
        Log in with the admin user, go to Job Scheduler tool and click on New Job. Fill in the Job Name field the name you want, but put in the Type field the value "Auto Submit Assessment Job".
      • The default assessment template needs to have activated the "Automatic Submission, can edit default value", thus, instructors will be able to check on the automatic submission.
        In other case the admin user will have to do:
        Add the following property to sakai.properties file: samigo.autoSubmit.enabled=true
        Log in with the admin user, go to Test and Quizzes tool, click on Templates, edit the default template and check on "Automatic Submission, can edit default value"

      Now, all admin work has been done. This patch will send assessments with the "Autosubmit saved student work" option checked. This can be found in "Availability and Submissions" section in Configuration.
      When the autosubmit process runs the assessment whose limit date has expired will be submitted. If you didn't create a trigger for the autosubmit process job you will need to run manually the job, editing the autosubmit job and clicking on "Run Job Now".

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