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some timed tests don't submit when timer runs out



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 11.2
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      We're experiencing an intermittent issue with tests that have a time limit. Timed tests should submit when the timer runs out. But since upgrading from 2.9 to 11.2, we're seeing cases where they do not and remain stuck "in progress". On a recent test taken by 35 students, 2 did not submit when the timer ran out.

      I've seen this happen on 5 different tests in 5 different sites since late April 2017. Attached is a screenshot of test settings from one of these tests. (Other tests with this problem had very similar settings, with time limits ranging from 30 min to 2+ hrs.) Also attached are log files for 2 students from the same test as in the settings screenshot – one where the test submitted when the timer ran out, the other when it did not.

      We have not been able to replicate the issue or determine a common denominator. Looking at log files, in some of the problem cases, we can see that the user logs into Sakai on another device while taking the test and/or reviews past tests. However we can see these same actions for users whose tests DID submit when the timer ran out.

      These occurrences are hard to detect – either the instructor or a student has to notice it and report it. And the academic impact can be high – when unnoticed, the student is likely to receive a grade of zero for an "unsubmitted" test which they actually took.

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