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Allow instructors to see all responses of re-taken assessment



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      For multiple submission assessments, there's a View drop-down menu available in the Scores screens to select either All Submissions or the [Recorded Submission/Score] (the latter button's name depends on the setting for Recorded Score If Multiple Submissions per User).  However, if an assessment ONLY allows 1 submission (as do most assessments), the drop-down menu is not present.  If the instructor chooses Allow Retake for a student, the student's second submission cannot be viewed side-by-side with their original submission UNLESS the instructor changes the test settings to allow at least 2 submissions for ALL students.  Absence of the drop-down for the instructor when a retake has been submitted can be a greater problem for the student as follows:

      1. Test is configured to accept Highest Score (DEFAULT).
      2. Student scores higher on FIRST submission.  This would be the case if there are manually-graded questions, and some grades were entered for those questions by the instructor before the retake was allowed.
      3. Instructor doesn't realize they're not seeing the new submission, and the final grade for the assessment is based on the first submission.

      Solution: The drop-down menu to View All Submissions should be available for all assessments, because changing the selection on the drop-down would have no effect if there's only one submission per student.

      Original ticket description:

      Instructors who give an assessment with a single submission can reset (Allow Retake?) for individual student(s). Instructors should be able to see all submissions for reset students.

      Suggest enabling the "Highest (or Latest) Submissions" or "All Submissions" dropdown when viewing assessment submissions in which 1 or more of the students have been reset.

      Use Case:
      Student completes some of the questions in an assessment and gets disconnected or has an issue.
      Instructor would like the student to continue and just complete the remaining questions
      Instructor resets student submission
      Instructor would like to see all submissions for that user even though only one submission is set

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