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Available/Due dates change to match Time Zone offset when test settings are saved


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      If a test is created on a computer in a different time zone than the server, the Available/Due dates are changed to match the time zone of the server when the test is saved.

      If the server is on EST, when a test is created from a PST computer to be due at 9:00am, clicking Save changes that time to 12:00p. After this, every time the Settings are edited, the main test time is increased by the time zone change again (to 3:00p, then 6:00p, etc.) and the exceptions settings are changed to 24hr time (1300 vs 1:00p)

      To replicate:

      1. Change computer time zone so that the system clock does not match the server time
      2. Create an assessment, go to Settings
      3. Add Available/Due dates
      4. Create an Exception
      5. Click Add a Time Limit/Delivery Date Exception
      6. Click Save Settings and Publish - note time shown
      7. Click Edit Settings
      8. Click Save Settings and Publish again - note the time shown is increased by the time change again (i.e. if 1hr was added originally, 2 are added now)

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