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Tests & Quizzes (Samigo) - Event Log IP Address column is empty



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      In the event log of Tests & Quizzes there is a column to populate the student's attempt IP Address. However, there is no code (and no results) to provide this information – the column is always blank.

      It appears that this is an unfinished feature. https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAM-1368

      Steps to replicate:

      • Go to Tests & Quizzes with a submitted student quiz
      • Click Event Log in the top tool navigation
      • The IP Address column is empty

      OPTION 1: Remove the column.
      If the coding and potential privacy concerns are such that the community feels the feature cannot be supported at this time, then remove the column. If work isn't planned (or can't be pursued for an extended period), then it is better to not present an empty column which will only create user confusion and support requests/inquiries at institutions. The built-in Sakai documentation also needs to be updated (to remove reference to the IP Address column).

      OPTION 2: Add the code and the backend flags to enable/disable the feature institutionally
      I can see value in allowing some users to know the submission IP address for a student, especially if there are concerns of cheating in online exams. However, privacy laws may vary by country/state/etc. If programming work is pursued, then include the appropriate flags and display properties to show/hide or enable/disable the feature, or limit viewing by Sakai system and site role(s).

      Thank you for considering this situation.

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