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Individual user-level comments aren't sync'd to the Gradebook



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 11.3
    • Fix Version/s: 12.0, 19.0
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      There are two places in Samigo where the instructor/maintainer can provide grades and comments for a user's submission:

      1) the table in the 'Total Scores' tab
      2) a student's individual submission grading UI (Total Scores > click on student's name link)

      If you have an assessment set to publish grades and comments to the gradebook, using the comment box (at the top of the screen) in the student's individual submission grading UI without updating the grade for the submission, these new/updated comments will not be pushed to the gradebook. This results in comments being out of sync between Samigo and the Gradebook.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) create and publish an assessment which is set to push grades/comments to the Gradebook
      2) take the assessment as a student/access member
      3) as instructor/maintainer, enter a comment into the corresponding comment box in the 'Total Scores' UI
      4) verify that the comment is pushed to the Gradebook
      5) as instructor/maintainer, update the comment in the student's individual submission grading UI
      6) notice that the comment is synchronized in Samigo (both locations show the same comment), but the comment in the Gradebook is still the text you entered in step 3)

      The problem is that the save routine for the individual user submission grading UI is only taking into account grade changes to determine if it needs to push information to the Gradebook. The solution is to also check if the comment is updated as well as the grade. This issue is similar to the one identified in SAM-3163, but is controlled by different code.

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