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Just include jQuery in the samigo header and remove it everywhere else



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      Samigo at the moment has random jQuery problems in some places because of how it embeds and includes sub pages. Because authoring.js introduced a requirement on jQuery (SAM-2288) unless jQuery is always loaded first the pages without it fail. If you load it up on the sub pages (mostly the question types) then you'll get an error because you might load it twice (From the work on SAM-2235).

      I think there's two ways to go with this

      1) Put in in more jsp files and include some check to see if jQuery is defined and/or do a noConflict to unload if necessary?

      2) Remove the script tag for jquery everywhere and put it in only in the header.inc that's so it's always included by default for every page only once

      3) Just remove the requirement on jQuery from authoring.js (see Comment #1 below)

      I think option #1 is easiest. Option #2 seems like it would work but would require a little testing. Some errors are SAM-1817 (rich text problem), and when editing a question in a question pool it has some problems. It's hard to test at the moment as there's some other errors with Samigo on trunk.

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