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Timed, unlimited submissions with a due date give students false impression they are able to complete the test even though due date has passed



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      In a timed assessment, with unlimited submissions, having a due date (no retract date), the student can start an assessment again before the due date, the timer shows the full amount of time available even though the timer should have adjusted to the due date/time. Yet, when the student then tries to submit, the 'Late submission not allowed' page displays.

      According to the 'Late Accepted' instructions:
      "Late submissions WILL be accepted after the due date. However, this applies only to students who have not submitted their work prior to the due date. They will be given one chance to do so and their submission will be tagged as late."

      In the case of my test, the student received 0 points because all questions were on one page and record last score is set. Also, "Attempt to save your work automatically failed" pop-up displays approx. at the time of the due date/time.

      To reproduce:
      Create an assessment that is timed, allows unlimited submission and has a due date. Select to record the last score.
      Publish the assessment

      As the student, submit the assessment once or more times before the due date.
      A minute or so before the due date/time, start the test again.
      Notice the full amount of time displays for the timer.
      At approximately the due date/time moment, the "Attempt to save your work automatically failed" pop-up displays
      Close the pop-up and continue working in your test
      After the due date/time has passed, submit the test - 'Late submission not allowed' displays

      As the instructor, check the submitted assessment
      The student's last submission displays and shows:

      • Student took full 6 minutes
      • Student submitted late
      • Student received 0 points
        Open the student's last submission - no questions are answered


      CO SP12 101 a 201250

      "0801B" :
      Timed: 6 minutes
      Due Date: 08/01/2012 10:05:00 AM
      The complete Assessment is displayed on one Web page
      Mark for Review checked
      Unlimited submissions
      Feedback on submission - release all
      Record last score
      Late Submissions accepted

      Timed_Multi_DueDate.swf: Shows student view of second test
      0801B_Sub_InstructorView.swf: Shows instructor view of submission
      AttemptToSave.png - pop-up when student is in test for second time and due date/time passes

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