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Bring Required Indicators in line with Font Awesome Use


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      In keeping with making other areas utilize Font Awesome icons, it'd be nice to improve the icons used to indicate items as pre-requisite [required] - asterisk, completed - checkmark, in-progress - hour-glass by using the font awesome set. Further, these icons don't carry any meaning for students in the student's login - that is, when students see the asterisk, there's nothing on the Lesson page (or by way of a hover) that tells the student that the items marked with an asterisk are required.

      Test plan:

      Login to a course site and on a lesson page:
      1. create a subpage - name it anything
      2. edit the subpage properties (not the subpage itself) by setting the subpage to "Require this Item"
      3. Update the item
      4. create another subpage - name it something else
      5. edit the new subpage properties and set the subpage to "Require this Item" and "Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed"
      6. Update the item

      Instructor view doesn't indicate what the asterisk or checkmark icons mean either... but moving on...

      7. Log out and login as a student in the course.
      8. Go to the Lesson where the subpages were made.
      9. Look - what on the page indicates the meaning of the asterisks?
      10. Select the first subpage, and then select the Back button in the Lesson
      11. Look - (there should now be a checkmark next to the first subpage) - what on the page indicates the meaning of the checkmark?

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