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Clarify language on Lessons Common Cartridge export dialog



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      Two issues related to testing LSNBLDR-807 were discovered that warrant a feature request:

      1. It is unclear from the options listed on the More Tools > Export CC dialog which one(s) to select for download that are compatible with Sakai.
      2. The 3 options listed on the export dialog introduce another level of confusion:
        1. The 3rd option (Include all question pools you can access as a single question bank) can be selected in addition to option #1 (Use old version of file (version 1.1), recommended for Moodle and Blackboard) or option #2 (Use newest version of file (version 1.3), recommended for Canvas).
        2. Options 1 and 2 cannot both be selected.
        3. It is possible to select Download without selecting any of the options, but it is not apparent whether one c/should do this or if one of the options must be selected before clicking Download

      Proposed solutions:

      1. Add instructive language to help users know what to select if they want to import the downloaded content to another site/Lessons tool in SAKAI. 
      2. Make 2 sections on the Dialog:
        1. One section for selecting the correct version for export and another section for exporting question banks.
        2. This issue would be obviated by re-arranging the options as described in 2.1.
        3. If simply clicking Download is all that is needed for a Sakai-compatible export, then say so somewhere on this window. 


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