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Changing the prereqs on a quiz that is released conditionally causes the grades for students who have already taken it to disappear from the T&Q GUI ;; also, duplicate access control groups were being created


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 10.1
    • Fix Version/s: 10.2, 11.0
    • Component/s: Lessons
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      Our version of Lessons from deployed from trunk on 06/30/2014 and we're using Sakai 2.9.3
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      I have a Sakai site with 25 quizzes. All of them have 3 questions worth a point each.

      In that site there are 5 Lessons and each of those Lessons has 5 Subpages
      Each of the Subpages contains an embedded video, a link to one of the quizzes, and a button/link to the next subpage. The student is required to get a 3 on the quiz before the button/link to the next Subpage will appear.

      Here is where I went wrong in designing it. I was trying to make the appearance of a new Lesson (on the left navigation) conditional based on the student meeting all of the requirements on the Subpages of the previous Lesson. (Is this possible?) BUT before I had finished testing it and putting all the conditions in place, the professor published the site and students began taking the quizzes. As expected Lessons auto-generated Groups and enrolled the eligible students in them who had completed the requirements set at the time. Then I went in to finish adding the requirements without knowing the students had taken some of the exams. The result was that changing the requirements un-enrolled the students from the group that they were no longer qualified to belong in. That's logical but the problem with how it's implemented is twofold:

      1) The existing scores disappear from the T&Q GUI. Scores should never become unavailable to the instructor. The only way to retrieve them is to add the students back manually in Site Info -> Manage Groups into the Lessons-generated groups that they were kicked out of. Doing that causes all kinds of confusion about who should see what.

      2) When I changed the prerequisites I did something that made Lessons auto-generate new Groups with exactly the same name as the old Groups. So now I have no idea who belongs where and what Group Lessons is actually using.

      Moral of the story is don't change prereqs on open Lessons but people can so they will. Ideally 1) the instructor would be warned about what exactly will happen if they do change the prereqs. 2) T&Q scores, at least, should remain visible somehow. 3) And the new auto-generated groups should have a slightly different name.

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