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    • Affects Version/s: 10.4
    • Fix Version/s: 10.6, 11.0
    • Component/s: Kernel
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      Tika 1.9:


      • The ability to use the cTAKES clinical text
        knowledge extraction system for biomedical data is
        now included as a Tika parser (TIKA-1645, TIKA-1642).
      • Tika-server allows a user to specify the Tika config
        from the command line (TIKA-1652, TIKA-1426).
      • Matlab file detection has been improved (TIKA-1634).
      • The EXIFTool was added as an External parser
      • If FFMPEG is installed and on the PATH, it is a
        usable Parser in Tika now (TIKA-1510).
      • Fixes have been applied to the ExternalParser to make
        it functional (TIKA-1638).
      • Tika service loading can now be more verbose with the
        org.apache.tika.service.error.warn system property (TIKA-1636).
      • Tika Server now allows for metadata extraction from remote
        URLs and in addition it outputs the detected language as a
        metadata field (TIKA-1625).
      • OUTPUT_FILE_TOKEN not being replaced in ExternalParser
        contributed by Pascal Essiembre (TIKA-1620).
      • Tika REST server now supports language identification
      • All of the example code from the Tika in Action book has
        been donated to Tika and added to tika-examples (TIKA-1562).
      • Tika server now logs errors determining ContentDisposition
      • An algorithm for using Byte Histogram frequencies to construct
        a Neural Network and to perform MIME detection was added
      • A Bayesian algorithm for MIME detection by probabilistic
        means was added (TIKA-1517).
      • Tika now incorporates the Apache Spatial Information
        System capability of parsing Geographic ISO 19139
        files (TIKA-443). It can also detect those files as
      • Update the MimeTypes code to support inheritance
      • Provide ability to parse and identify Global Change
        Master Directory Interchange Format (GCMD DIF)
        scientific data files (TIKA-1532).
      • Improvements to detect CBOR files by extension (TIKA-1610).
      • Change xerial.org's sqlite-jdbc jar to "provided" (TIKA-1511).
        Users will now need to add sqlite-jdbc to their classpath for
        the Sqlite3Parser to work.
      • ExternalParser.check now catches (suppresses) SecurityException
        and returns false, so it's OK to run Tika with a security policy
        that does not allow execution of external processes (TIKA-1628).

      Release 1.8 - 4/13/2015

      • Fix null pointer when processing ODT footer styles (TIKA-1600).
      • Upgrade to com.drewnoakes' metadata-extractor to 2.0 and
        add parser for webp metadata (TIKA-1594).
      • Duration extracted from MP3s with no ID3 tags (TIKA-1589).
      • Upgraded to PDFBox 1.8.9 (TIKA-1575).
      • Tika now supports the IsaTab data standard for bioinformatics
        both in terms of MIME identification and in terms of parsing
      • Tika server can now enable CORS requests with the command line
        "--cors" or "-C" option (TIKA-1586).
      • Update jhighlight dependency to avoid using LGPL license. Thank
        @kkrugler for his great contribution (TIKA-1581).
      • Updated HDF and NetCDF parsers to output file version in
        metadata (TIKA-1578 and TIKA-1579).
      • Upgraded to POI 3.12-beta1 (TIKA-1531).
      • Added tika-batch module for directory to directory batch
        processing. This is a new, experimental capability, and the API will
        likely change in future releases (TIKA-1330).
      • Translator.translate() Exceptions are now restricted to
        TikaException and IOException (TIKA-1416).
      • Tika now supports MIME detection for Microsoft Extended
        Makefiles (EMF) (TIKA-1554).
      • Tika has improved delineation in XML and HTML MIME detection
      • Upgraded the Drew Noakes metadata-extractor to version 2.7.2
      • Added basic style support for ODF documents, contributed by
        Axel Dörfler (TIKA-1063).
      • Move Tika server resources and writers to separate
        org.apache.tika.server.resource and writer packages (TIKA-1564).
      • Upgrade UCAR dependencies to 4.5.5 (TIKA-1571).
      • Fix Paths in Tika server welcome page (TIKA-1567).
      • Fixed infinite recursion while parsing some PDFs (TIKA-1038).
      • XHTMLContentHandler now properly passes along body attributes,
        contributed by Markus Jelsma (TIKA-995).
      • TikaCLI option --compare-file-magic to report mime types known to
        the file(1) tool but not known / fully known to Tika.
      • MediaTypeRegistry support for returning known child types.
      • Support for excluding (blacklisting) certain Parsers from being
        used by DefaultParser via the Tika Config file, using the new
        parser-exclude tag (TIKA-1558).
      • Detect Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Directory
        Interchange Format (DIF) files (TIKA-1561).
      • Tika's JAX-RS server can now return stacktraces for
        parse exceptions (TIKA-1323).
      • Added MockParser for testing handling of exceptions, errors
        and hangs in code that uses parsers (TIKA-1553).
      • The ForkParser service removed from Activator. Rollback of (TIKA-1354).
      • Increased the speed of language identification by
        a factor of two – contributed by Toke Eskildsen (TIKA-1549).
      • Added parser for Sqlite3 db files. Some users will need to
        exclude the dependency on xerial.org's sqlite-jdbc because
        it contains native libs (TIKA-1511).
      • Use POST instead of PUT for tika-server form methods
      • A basic wrapper around the UNIX file command was
        added to extract Strings. In addition a parse to
        handle Strings parsing from octet-streams using Latin1
        charsets as added (TIKA-1541, TIKA-1483).
      • Add test files and detection mechanism for Gridded
        Binary (GRIB) files (TIKA-1539).
      • The RAR parser was updated to handle Chinese characters
        using the functionality provided by allowing encoding to
        be used within ZipArchiveInputStream (TIKA-936).
      • Fix out of memory error in surefire plugin (TIKA-1537).
      • Build a parser to extract data from GRIB formats (TIKA-1423).
      • Upgrade to Commons Compress 1.9 (TIKA-1534).
      • Include media duration in metadata parsed by MP4Parser (TIKA-1530).
      • Support password protected 7zip files (using a PasswordProvider,
        in keeping with the other password supporting formats) (TIKA-1521).
      • Password protected Zip files should not trigger an exception (TIKA-1028).

      Release 1.7 - 1/9/2015

      • Fixed resource leak in OutlookPSTParser that caused TikaException
        when invoked via AutoDetectParser on Windows (TIKA-1506).
      • HTML tags are properly stripped from content by FeedParser
      • Tika Server support for selecting a single metadata key;
        wrapped MetadataEP into MetadataResource (TIKA-1499).
      • Tika Server support for JSON and XMP views of metadata (TIKA-1497).
      • Tika Parent uses dependency management to keep duplicate
        dependencies in different modules the same version (TIKA-1384).
      • Upgraded slf4j to version 1.7.7 (TIKA-1496).
      • Tika Server support for RecursiveParserWrapper's JSON output
        (endpoint=rmeta) equivalent to (TIKA-1451's) -J option
        in tika-app (TIKA-1498).
      • Tika Server support for providing the password for files on a
        per-request basis through the Password http header (TIKA-1494).
      • Simple support for the BPG (Better Portable Graphics) image format
        (TIKA-1491, TIKA-1495).
      • Prevent exceptions from being thrown for some malformed
        mp3 files (TIKA-1218).
      • Reformat pom.xml files to use two spaces per indent (TIKA-1475).
      • Fix warning of slf4j logger on Tika Server startup (TIKA-1472).
      • Tika CLI and GUI now have option to view JSON rendering of output
        of RecursiveParserWrapper (TIKA-1451).
      • Tika now integrates the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
        (GDAL) for parsing hundreds of geospatial formats (TIKA-605,
      • ExternalParsers can now use Regexs to specify dynamic keys
      • Thread safety issues in ImageMetadataExtractor were resolved
      • The ForkParser service is now registered in Activator
      • The Rome Library was upgraded to version 1.5 (TIKA-1435).
      • Add markup for files embedded in PDFs (TIKA-1427).
      • Extract files embedded in annotations in PDFS (TIKA-1433).
      • Upgrade to PDFBox 1.8.8 (TIKA-1419, TIKA-1442).
      • Add RecursiveParserWrapper (aka Jukka's and Nick's)
        RecursiveMetadataParser (TIKA-1329)
      • Add example for how to dump TikaConfig to XML (TIKA-1418).
      • Allow users to specify a tika config file for tika-app (TIKA-1426).
      • PackageParser includes the last-modified date from the archive
        in the metadata, when handling embedded entries (TIKA-1246)
      • Created a new Tesseract OCR Parser to extract text from images.
        Requires installation of Tesseract before use (TIKA-93).
      • Basic parser for older Excel formats, such as Excel 4, 5 and 95,
        which can get simple text, and metadata for Excel 5+95 (TIKA-1490)

      Release 1.6 - 08/31/2014

      • Parse output should indicate which Parser was actually used
      • Use the forbidden-apis Maven plugin to check for unsafe Java
        operations (TIKA-1387).
      • Created an ExternalTranslator class to interface with command
        line Translators (TIKA-1385).
      • Created a MosesTranslator as a subclass of ExternalTranslator
        that calls the Moses Decoder machine translation program (TIKA-1385).
      • Created the tika-example module. It will have examples of how to
        use the main Tika interfaces (TIKA-1390).
      • Upgraded to Commons Compress 1.8.1 (TIKA-1275).
      • Upgraded to POI 3.11-beta1 (TIKA-1380).
      • Tika now extracts SDTCell content from tables in .docx files (TIKA-1317).
      • Tika now supports detection of the Persian/Farsi language.
      • The Tika Detector interface is now exposed through the JAX-RS
        server (TIKA-1336, TIKA-1336).
      • Tika now has support for parsing binary Matlab files as part of
        our larger effort to increase the number of scientific data formats
        supported. (TIKA-1327)
      • The Tika Server URLs for the unpacker resources have been changed,
        to bring them under a common prefix (TIKA-1324). The mapping is
        /unpacker/ {id} -> /unpack/{id}


        {id} -> /unpack/all/{id}
      • Added module and core Tika interface for translating text between
        languages and added a default implementation that call's Microsoft's
        translate service (TIKA-1319)
      • Added an Translator implementation that calls Lingo24's Premium
        Machine Translation API (TIKA-1381)
      • Made RTFParser's list handling slightly more robust against corrupt
        list metadata (TIKA-1305)
      • Fixed bug in CLI json output (TIKA-1291/TIKA-1310)
      • Added ability to turn off image extraction from PDFs (TIKA-1294).
        Users must now turn on this capability via the PDFParserConfig.
      • Upgrade to PDFBox 1.8.6 (TIKA-1290, TIKA-1231, TIKA-1233, TIKA-1352)
      • Zip Container Detection for DWFX and XPS formats, which are OPC
        based (TIKA-1204, TIKA-1221)
      • Added a user facing welcome page to the Tika Server, which
        says what it is, and a very brief summary of what is available.
      • Added Tika Server endpoints to list the available mime types,
        Parsers and Detectors, similar to the -list<foo> methods on
        the Tika CLI App (TIKA-1270)
      • Improvements to NetCDF and HDF parsing to mimic the output of
        ncdump and extract text dimensions and spatial and variable
        information from scientific data files (TIKA-1265)
      • Extract attachments from RTF files (TIKA-1010)
      • Support Outlook Personal Folders File Format *.pst (TIKA-623)
      • Added mime entries for additional Ogg based formats (TIKA-1259)
      • Updated the Ogg Vorbis plugin to v0.4, which adds detection for a wider
        range of Ogg formats, and parsers for more Ogg Audio ones (TIKA-1113)
      • PDF: Images in PDF documents can now be extracted as embedded resources.
      • Fixed RuntimeException thrown for certain Word Documents (TIKA-1251).
      • CLI: TikaCLI now has another option: --list-parser-details-apt, which outputs
        the list of supported parsers in APT format. This is used to generate the list
        on the formats page (TIKA-411).

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