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Home tools should have their own TitleCustom property



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      KNL-241 added exceptions to dynamic page localization for pages/tools whose titles can be edited (i.e. sakai.iframe, sakai.news, sakai.portletIFrame).

      A new property TitleCustom was added to SitePage class. If the property is true, the tool's title is not i18ned and a hardcoded value is shown, no matter what language has the current user. (See SAK-29301)

      This has an important flaw: a page can contain several tools. In fact, Home page usually contains at least three or four tools. And at least one of these tools tends to be an Iframe or PortletIFrame tool.

      If this Iframe tool is edited, the page TitleCustom property is set to true and every tool inside Home page gets its title hardcoded.

      One simple solution to this issue could be adding another new property TitleCustom into Placement class, so one tool could override their containing page's TitleCustom value.

      If the property is added, the usual behaviour should not change, but it would be possible to change each tool's logic to use the new property when it is required (i.e. when a Tool is edited and there is more than one Tool in the containing SitePage).

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