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Create logical mappings between grading maps when changing the schema type



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      Originally reported in SAK-39972 and distilled here for implementation/discussion.

      The minimum values, either default or changed by the instructor, are identical between Letter Grades with +/1 and Grade Points. Grade Points is a display label only.

      This will be implemented in SAK-39972.

      At the time the dropdown changes from Letter Grades +/- (or Grade Points) to Letter Grades only, the min >value from the Letter - becomes the new Letter Only. Example B- = 75, becomes B = 75.

      This will require some logical mappings / rules between the relevant grading schema types so that we know what happens when a change is made between grade types

      At the time the dropdown changes from any of the other 3 choices to Pass/Not Pass, the minimum value is no longer predictable, nor a subset of anything the instructor may have chosen previously, these minimum value fields can remain as an arbitrary default.

      Would this be a standard "revert to default" for Pass/Not Pass when changing to that grade type or have I miss understood what you meant about the minimum value / arbitrary default?

      If the instructor again changes the Grade Type from Pass/Not Pass back to one of the other 3, “all bets are off” - the last entry is unknown and the minimum % values revert to defaults.

      This is a standard "revert to default" for this direction of change.

      One of the stated principles in the design of this distribution chart is that instructors can alter values and have the chart redraw until they perfect their distribution and click “Save” to persist their choices in the database AND make those changes visible to their students.

      This principle needs to extend to changing the “Y” axis labels via the Grade Type dropdown without losing the minimum values they have entered.

      This should be achievable with some rules about how grading schemas affect each other. The graph will already refresh on any change to represent the grading schema in use.

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