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PA System - Don't show "Show System Alerts" yellow banner on "Low" alert banners


    • Test Plan:
      1. Log into Trunk (or other nightly server) as an admin.
      2. Go to Administrative Workspace
      3. Go to PA System
      4. Create Banner
      5. Enter a message (e.g. Test Banner)
      6. Set Type to Low
      7. Select "Active" checkbox
      8. Save banner
      9. The "low" (blue background) banner should display with a close "x" at the right
      10. Click the close "x" at the right
      11. The yellow "Show System Alerts" element should NOT display
      Log into Trunk (or other nightly server) as an admin. Go to Administrative Workspace Go to PA System Create Banner Enter a message (e.g. Test Banner) Set Type to Low Select "Active" checkbox Save banner The "low" (blue background) banner should display with a close "x" at the right Click the close "x" at the right The yellow "Show System Alerts" element should NOT display



      If an institution wants to place a dismissible "cookie" notification banner as a "low" alert, the alert should disappear when the "x" icon is clicked and there shouldn't be any other visual alert on the page (e.g. we shouldn't see the yellow "Show System Alerts" badge). This is similar to how other websites are placing notices about cookie usage. The PA System "Low" alert feature seems like a great fit for this use case, except for the yellow banner after dismissing the notice.



      Adjust the PA System to allow the above use case.

      • OPTION 1: Keep the 3 levels and simply do not display the "Show System Alerts" badge at all for "Low" level alerts. It would only appear for "Medium" alerts.
      • OPTION 1B: Essentially, add a fourth level. Change the existing "Low" alert drop down option in the PA System to "Low - with "Show System Alerts" box" and add a new "Low" option "Low - without "Show System Alerts" box."
      • OPTION 2: Add a checkbox in the administrative PA System tool to enable/disable the display of the "Show System Alerts" badge on the screen. This way, an institution or admin can decide based on the context of each banner whether the "Show System Alerts" badge should display or not. The checkbox would be applicable for "Low" and "Medium" alerts only.
      • OPTION 3: Change the "Show System Alerts" badge either in placement, size, or presentation. Basically, make it visible but less obtrusive.  Perhaps it becomes a small icon-based notice at the left of the platform logo image; when clicked, then the banner re-appears.  Or perhaps becomes a menu item in the Profile menu when someone clicks his/her name at the top right.  Or a slight, yellow tab at the top middle of the page that displays fully on hover to display "Show System Alerts" message and link, and snaps back to a smaller size if you move away (and some method to keyboard and display it, too). Or some other less intrusive notification method to display the banner again?
      • OPTION 4: Something super awesome and cool that someone else thinks up and meets the need.

      Thank you for considering this request.

      NOTE: Whatever solution is pursued will need to be accessible, of course!

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