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Resources - Accessibility - Add the eye-slash icon and text to indicate a hidden file or folder in Resources



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      In Resources, a site owner can hide files or folders. In addition to graying out the link and row of information for a hidden file or folder, please also add the icon for a hidden object (the eye with the slash through it as used with hidden tool menu items, fa-eye-slash).

      Update: Per SAK-34023, the gray lettering is too light for appropriate color contrast.  Hidden Resources items should be modified as follows:

      • Darken the lettering to make it sufficient color contrast with the white/light gray background.
      • Italicize file/folder name and display eyeball with a slash icon with (Hidden from site members) for a screen reader/tool tip.
      • For hidden items in Resources the Access column should include (Hidden) after the access level.


      In the past, the contrast level between a visible and hidden file in Resources seemed fine to me.  As my eyes have aged, the contrast is no longer as obvious as it once was. Granted, this is a sign of my own eyes, but may also impact other users. I am wondering whether another factor, such as the hidden object (fa-eye-slash) icon, might help someone notice that a file or folder is hidden in Resources.

      Thank you for considering this feature request.

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