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      The date picker/calendar widget is not accessible to screen reader users.  The calendar pops up as soon as a text field where you can enter a date receives focus.  The calendar gets in the way of other elements on the page.  It can cause confusion and be annoying for screen reader (and sighted keyboard) users to access other items with which they need to interact.

      Proposed fixes:

      • Calendar widget should only pop up when a user specifically selects the calendar icon (i.e., NOT the date field).
      • Calendar widget should be ignored by assistive technology (e.g., aria-hidden).

      Original description below:

      We are using JAWS 18.0 and internet explore.  This happens when an instructor is adding an announcement and specifying the dates/times for when it will be displayed.  A user using JAWS can complete this, however it is difficult/confusing to do because of the calendar date picker.  The date picker is difficult to use, so it is easier for users to just type the dates/times in the boxes.  However the calendar still pops up and it is difficult for the user to navigate around it. 

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