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Statistics - Lessons - By Page - Link to Lessons page refreshes Statistics tool



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      In Statistics in the Lessons area, clicking the link for a specific Lessons page refreshes the Statistics tool in a new window.  It doesn't pull up a report for that page or visit the specific Lessons page (whatever process the link is supposed to launch).


      1. Create a project site with at least Statistics and Lessons
      2. Add a student (access user) into the project site
      3. As different users, click around Lessons
      4. As instructor (maintain user) click Statistics
      5. Under the Lessons heading, click "Show More"
      6. Click the "By Page" tab
      7. Click any page link in the right table
      8. A new browser tab opens and the site's Statistics tool main page refreshes (it doesn't go to either a report on the specific page or the actual Lessons page, whatever destination is intended in the tool design)

      NOTE: This issue happens in both 12.x and Trunk.

      Again, I am not sure what the intended purpose of the links are. As an end user, I would expect the links to either produce Statistics reports specific to those pages (to see which individual users visited that specific page, for example) or to simply visit the specific page in Lessons itself. If functionality was never finished, then perhaps the hyperlinks can simply be removed?  If you go to the Activity heading in Statistics and visit the complete report, there are no links for the specific tool names, for example. That said, it would be very handy to quickly pull up a statistics page on a specific page in Lessons to see which users have visited the page and when.  If that functionality exists, then that should be the target of the links. If that functionality was intended but never finished, perhaps remove the links for now and implement when the development is finished?

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