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a11ychecker does not work in etudes melete tool when melete's iframe is not surpressed


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 11.5 [Tentative], 12.2, 12.3, 19.0
    • Fix Version/s: 19.0
    • Component/s: Portal
    • Labels:
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      Steps (Sakai 12)

      • install etudes dependencies (https://github.com/austin48/etudes-dependencies)
      • install etudes melete (https://github.com/austin48/etudes-melete)
      • install a11ychecker by running the maven build with the switch: -Pcompile-skin,ckeditor-extras
      • Add the melete (Modules) tool to a site
      • Add a module
      • Add a section to a module
      • from the section edit page, select Content Type: Compose with content editor
      • type some text into the editor
      • click the a11ychecker icon
      • nothing happens
      • checking the browser's web developer/inspector, there is a JS error

      plugin.js?t=I2QI:45 Uncaught Error: Missing jQuery. Accessibility Checker's default engine, Quail.js requires jQuery to work correctly.

      This JS error was occurring because the melete module is displayed as an iframe. and jquery is not loaded by the melete iframe module. A quick fix is to NOT load melete as an iframe so that the parent window's query is available to a11ychecker

      iframes support was mostly removed since Sakai 11, however, some tools were allowed to continue using frames using the sakai.property

      # Controls the use of iframes in the portal. It is a colon-separated list
      # of common tool ids like sakai.assignment
      # If the string contains the text ":all:", then by default all iframes 
      # will be suppressed, and only the tools whose ids are listed will 
      # be displayed with iframes.
      # DEFAULT: :all:sakai.gradebook.gwt.rpc:com.rsmart.certification:sakai.delegatedaccess:sakai.melete:sakai.rsf.evaluation
      # portal.iframesuppress=

      Which, sakai.melete was added to the list of modules to NOT suppress in Sakai 11.5 [Tentative]
      https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-32070 (https://github.com/sakaiproject/sakai/commit/32d057ed5db25c4e32ddb5fcb6b7a883047bd175#diff-2c1cd69e8a95ba38a890ca8eb93b8f02)

      melete was running WITHOUT iframes just fine in 11.4, so I don't it needed to be added to that list... However... we've been running a version of melete we've been maintaining on our own (https://github.com/austin48/etudes-melete). And I'm not sure whether or not the version (2.9.9) that comes directly from etudes would be able to run without iframes (sorry, I have not had time to test). Although, I recall that I had to modify a bunch of things from their default version just to get it working in 11.4, so it would probably make more sense for anyone that still uses that tool to use the version we've been maintaining.

      Also, please feel free to fork our version of the etudes modules to the github sakaicontrib repo:

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