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feature request: Allow users to set custom site "nicknames" for site title (e.g. students rename course sites in My Sites to easily identify)



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      Several students have requested the option to "nickname" their sites so they don't see the course title or roster as the site title. The nickname would apply only to the specific user's view. This option would allow individual users to easily identify their sites, whether or not the instructors/site administrators have added Short Descriptions. It could also be helpful for accessibility (reducing confusion when trying to access similarly-titled sites).

      I imagine this requested feature being an option in the Sites tab of the user Preferences, where similar to how you rename tools in Tool Order, there would be an option to edit site nicknames.

      An additional column would also need to be added in the Worksite Setup list for site nickname, in the event that support staff has to help a user with site access issues.

      While I am aware that users can choose to display site Short Descriptions instead of site titles, very few instructors/site owners actually enter text in the Short Description field. Additionally, even if the instructors do enter a Short Description, students often have several classes with similar titles and descriptions, especially as they get closer to the end of their academic career (courses in their major).

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