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Rich Text Editor - CKEditor - Record Audio Clip - HTML stripped and content fails to play



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      When using the "Record Audio Clip" feature in the rich text editor (CKEditor), after the user saves the rich text content, the user then sees warnings that "Your HTML contains tags or attributes that are not permitted and have been removed from your content."  When trying to play the clip from the saved page or module, the play button is not responsive and the clip is not functional.

      In the rich text editor itself, the "Record Audio Clip" feature works fine.  The tool prompts the browser for permission to use the microphone.  When accepted, the user can record the file, play it back, and post it.  After saving the main rich text content, however, then AntiSamy strips away code and the player becomes useless, sadly.



      1. Log into Trunk.
      2. Create a project site.
      3. "Edit" the rich text area of the Overview tool.
      4. Click the "Record Audio Clip" icon in the CKEditor.
      5. Allow access to the microphone (if prompted).
      6. Record, play back, and post the resulting audio file.
      7. Click "Update Options."
      8. The user sees at least three AntiSamy warning notices about unsupported HTML. The player displays, but 0:00/0:00 displays and the play button is not functional.

      On editing the SOURCE of the page, this is the code that remains after the content was scrubbed/changed by AntiSamy.  There is no reference to a file left, etc.

      <audio class="audioaudio" controls="controls">&nbsp;</audio>

      NOTE: I have not had time to test in more than Chrome 69 for Windows 10.  Perhaps the feature works in another browser, but I am guessing that the necessary code is being stripped away by AntiSamy for all browsers.

      Thank you for reviewing this bug.

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