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samigo: Remove dependency between displaying "Questions" and overall quiz feedback.



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      To be able to release ANY assessment feedback other than Student's Assessment Scores, the instructor must release the assessment Questions.

      However, some instructors who want to reuse their tests in future semesters only want to provide overall comments to the student regarding their performance on the exam. This would be provided in the form of Grader's Comments in the Comments box on the Total Scores screen OR by attaching a file underneath that Comments box for the student.

      Here are a couple example use cases:

      1. An instructor wants to provide general comments only on areas where the student needs more work, e.g., "Please review Chapter X of the textbook."
      2. An exam includes a number of automatically-graded questions and a single File Upload type question, where students upload essay responses in the form of a Word document. The instructor wants to provide feedback on the students' essay question by uploading a file for each student with comments, but does NOT want to make the automatically-graded questions available as feedback because he intends to reuse those in the next semester's exam.

      This is a request to decouple the requirement for Questions to be released along with Grader's Comments.

      SAK-34372 also mentions problems with the dependency between Question-Level Grader's Comments and Student Response, while SAK-40527 mentions dependency issues between the Answer Key and Correct Response. These will probably need to be grouped as subtasks under a single parent jira for removing feedback dependencies and making the feedback options clearer, with the parent jira demonstrating the ultimate desired functionality.

      Along with removing the inappropriate dependencies, the options on the Settings screen would need to be reorganized.

      I imagine the new Types of feedback_options on the _Settings screen to be the list I include at the bottom of this description (I'll add a mock-up when I have a chance to create one).

      Note that in the list I present below, I removed Student's Assessment Scores from the list of options under Release Questions and the following because I am suggesting using a check box to include this as an option, whether or not questions are also shown. I reworded some of the options that are frequently confusing to instructors. Some of these suggestions are too verbose, but we can edit later. I would also like to make all the bulleted options listed underneath Assessment Questions hidden unless that option is selected.

      Release the following feedback: (Note: The numbered items would be check boxes instead of radio buttons)

      1. Student's Assessment Scores
      2. Comments from Grader on the Student's Overall Performance
      3. Assessment Questions (Additional Feedback Options Available if Selected)
        • Student Response (Recommended)
        • Correct or Incorrect Marking (Note: See SAK-40527)
        • Answer Key
        • Question-Level (Correct or Incorrect Answer) Feedback
        • Selection-Level Feedback
        • Comments from Grader on Individual Questions (Note: This is the option that should be decoupled from Student Response, per SAK-34372)
        • Student's Question and Part Scores
        • Statistics and Histograms

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