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Lombok 1.18.4 & tomcat 9.0.13



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      • PLATFORM: Support for Eclipse Photon. Issue #1831
      • PLATFORM: Angular IDE is now recognized by the installer Issue #1830
      • PLATFORM: Many improvements for lombok's JDK10/11 support.
      • BREAKING CHANGE: The @FieldNameConstants feature has been completely redesigned. Issue #1774 FieldNameConstants documentation
      • BREAKING CHANGE: Lombok will now always copy specific annotations around (from field to getter, from field to builder 'setter', etcetera): A specific curated list of known annotations where that is the right thing to do (generally, @NonNull style annotations from various libraries), as well as any annotations you explicitly list in the lombok.copyableAnnotations config key in your lombok.config file. Also, lombok is more consistent about copying these annotations. (Previous behaviour: Lombok used to copy any annotation whose simple name was NonNullNullable, or CheckForNull). Issue #1570 and Issue #1634
      • FEATURE: Lombok's @NonNull annotation can now be used on type usages (annotation on type usages has been introduced in JDK 8). @Builder's @Singular annotation now properly deals with annotations on the generics type on the collection: @Singular List<@NonNull String> names; now does the right thing.
      • FEATURE: You can now mix @SuperBuilder and toBuilder, and toBuilder no longer throws NullPointerException if a @Singular-marked collection field is nullIssue #1324
      • FEATURE: delombok now supports module paths via the --module-path option, and will automatically add lombok itself to the module path. This should make it possible to delombok your modularized projects. Issue #1848
      • FEATURE: You can pass @args.txt to delombok to read args from the text file; useful if you have really long classpaths you need to pass to delombok. Issue #1795
      • BUGFIX: @NoArgsConstructor(force=true) would try to initialize already initialized final fields in Eclipse. Issue #1829
      • BUGFIX: When using lombok to compile modularized (module-info.java-style) code, if the module name has dots in it, it wouldn't work. Issue #1808
      • BUGFIX: Errors about lombok not reading a module providing org.mapstruct.ap.spi when trying to use lombok in jigsaw-mode on JDK 11. Issue #1806
      • BUGFIX: Fix NetBeans compile on save. Issue #1770
      • BUGFIX: If you manually write your builder class so you can add a few methods of your own, and those methods refer to generated methods, you'd usually run into various bizarre error messages, but only on JDK9/10/11. This one is hard to describe, but we fixed it. Issue #1907

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