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Add instructor's name to student details on assignments



    • Type: Feature Request
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    • Affects Version/s: 20.0
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    • Component/s: Assignments
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      We have watch that a student, when accessing the list of tasks, does not have the possibility to know which teacher has created the task. On submit a specific task form, this information does not appear either.

      • In the task list, a collection of "Assignment" is traversed. In this class we have the EID of the user who created and modified the task, among others. I understand that the teacher we want to show will be the author of the task and if it has been modified, the user who modified it. Through the service "UserDirectoryService" and its method "getUserByEid" we can access the object of the class "User" that obtains all the information of the user. Then, showing this on the screen would be to add a column in the table of tasks to the file "chef_assignments_list_assignments.vm", something similar to what is shown in the sample capture "ExampleList Tables".
      • In the case of the response screen of the task, something similar applies. To show the information of the task is also part of an object of the class "Assignment", so we would have the user's EID and through the service "UserDirectoryService" and its method "getUserByEid" we would access the information of the user who wants to show. In this case, to display the information on the screen it would be necessary to include a "div" element that has the information to be shown in the file "chef_assignments_student_view_submission.vm", something similar to what is shown in the example capture "SampleTareaResponse" .
      • In the case of the submission confirmation screen, the name of the creator of the task would also be taken from the "Assignment" class and "chef_assignments_student_view_submission_confirmation.vm" should be displayed.
        In the case of the screen in which the student sees his / her note and the correction of the teacher, it must be taken into account that the information comes from two separate sites, on the one hand, the creator of the task must be removed from " Assignment ", but the corrector has to be removed from" AssignmentSubmission ". The view in which the information has to be displayed is "chef_assignments_student_view_grade.vm".

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