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Remove "Re-Use Material from One other Site"



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      Original Site Used: https://qa19-mysql.nightly.sakaiproject.org/portal/site/697133e9-54eb-452a-841e-edf3d5e361ca/

      Target Site created: https://qa19-mysql.nightly.sakaiproject.org/portal/site/42f8bec7-9615-4fe6-9442-c7f3aeceee34

      To Reproduce:

      1. Created maintain user "lgekeler"
      2. Logged in as lgekeler
      3. Use or create a Source Site that contains content, specifically:
        1. a Web Content tool named "Library Resources", 
        2. a Lessons tool named "Course Map" to which a default.css has been uploaded and Add Text used to add Header 4 and some text.
        3. Gradebook with 4 unweighted categories and a schema in which the A+, D+ and D- were removed.
        4. Resources, now containing the hidden LB-CSS folder, and folders Week 1 - Week 6 (those still empty)
        5. Selected "Tool Order" and changed then updated order to be sorted alphabetically
        6. Added Forum Topic "Performance of the Server" - clicked "Moderate" for its setting and saved.
        7. Added Joinable Groups, Auto-Groups and Configured groups containing only the role students.
      4. Returned to user's "Home", Clicked My Workspace Setup > New
      5. Selected course and section for SMPL202 Spring 2019
      6. Added authorized user
      7. Kept default tool set unchanged
      8. Clicked radio button to Re-Use Material from existing site, chose the site above "Discussion 1 SMPL101"
        1. Selected all available content, which included the above tools, as well as some existing which contained no content/no changes: Announcements, Assignments, Calendar, Overview, Search, Section Info, and Tests & Quizzes


      Copying Results:

      [FAIL] The lefthand NAVIGATION order was not identical to the original site.

      [*PASS*] The FORUM Topic and its settings were copied, and in a Draft state.

      [FAIL] The LESSONS and its name was not in the lefthand navigation. It was a new blank Lesson. Choosing Re-order and selecting content from another page revealed that the configured pages did get copied but were not linked.

      [FAIL] Gradebook: The categories copied over, but not the schema changes.

      [PASS] Gradebook: The category colors copied over!

      [*?*] Groups did not copy over, but the groups were not currently in use by other tools. Do we want them to copy over anyway?



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