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Bullhorns: Group visibility notifications are not being obeyed



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      In executing the Smoke Test of the Entity broker during the Sakai QA on Feb 28, 2019, the entity broker worked as expected. However upon doing so, when using groups and creating and assigning an assignment to a particular group - the entire class received/saw the bullhorn notification of the new assignment - even those to whom the assignment was not assigned (by group). 

      Test plan of the smoke test is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P-BUNFxlP1U8Wi_6KKB1glXxZWolbPu_C_4FuGZgFsk/edit#gid=12 

      Step 1 Create a group of at least two students and at least one student (a third student) either not in any group or in a different group.
      Step 2 Create an assignment with following settings
      Step 3 Single Uploaded File only
      Step 4 100 points
      Step 5 Any Assignment Instructions
      Step 6 Add an announcment about the open date to Announcements
      Step 7 Send email notification with open date to all participants
      Step 8 Check Add honor pledge
      Step 9 Associate with Gradebook item (new or existing is fine)
      Step 10 Access: Display only to selected groups and choose one group.
      Step 11 Send a notification for each student submission.
      Step 12 Send notification email to student when grade is released.
      Step 13 Add an Attachment.
      Step 14 Take the Assignment as two of the students in the group
      Step 15 Try to take the Assignment as a student not in the group (it should not show up)
      Step 16 As instructor, grade both assignments, release grades to students and send feedback to students.
      Step 17 As students, review grade and feedback.


      While this test plan does not invoke the checking of the bullhorns - students may use it - as it pairs with a means of accessing material/assignments they believe are for them to do. As such, if an assignment given and assigned to a particular group is dispatched by way of an announcement to the entire class (when it should not be), students can become confused. To be sure, in this test plan - the Assignment itself was not accessible to the students who were not assigned the assignment based on the grouping - they did however get the bullhorns notification.

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