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Gradebook "Full-Screen" Mode for Spreadsheet Work-Space Area


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      The Gradebook tool spreadsheet area is currently limited in size on the browser, and may require a lot of horizontal scrolling (for gradebooks that consist of multiple items/columns), and/or vertical scrolling (for larger class sizes). 

      While instructors do have the option to hide columns from their view and/or export the gradebook to CSV (for viewing in Excel), this requires additional steps to optimize the limited gradebook work-space. Instead, the proposal here is a more "immersive," full-screen experience of the gradebook spreadsheet, where an instructor need only click a single button – say, "Full Screen View" – that would open a larger window of the Gradebook spreadsheet work-space. 

      Think of it as you would if you encountered an embedded YouTube video on a lessons page or if you were just using one monitor to work. Sometimes it's extremely helpful for students and instructors to have the leverage of viewing content in a larger container. Similarly, those individuals who prefer working with dual monitors - they're effectively increasing their available "work-space." 

      This "full-screen" view could have a couple of advantages:

      • It could help increase adoption of the Gradebook tool for those instructors who otherwise are accustomed to exporting the Gradebook to excel just to get that larger spreadsheet feel. 
      • It will minimize the level of perceived scrolling. It's true that an instructor may very well need to do some horizontal or vertical scrolling in Excel anyway (given a large number of columns and rows). However, the increased "work-space" size will help cut down on all the needed scrolling. 

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