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Lessons Automatic Checklist links don't import-imported Checklist doesn't work


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: OPEN
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 19.1, 20.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Lessons, Site Info
    • Labels:
    • Environment:
      Windows 10, Chrome 73
    • Test Plan:

      Please see the "Summary" section in the description below.

      Please see the "Summary" section in the description below.


      Tested 4/1/19: on Sakai 19-rco1 at https://qa1-us.nightly.sakaiproject.org/portal build b14d8c87

      Tested on 3/27/19 on Sakai 20 Trunk (master) at https://trunk-mysql.nightly.sakaiproject.org/portal/ 


      1. In Lessons, create an interactive Checklist that works for students (required items submitted by students are automatically checked off the Checklist)
      2. In another site: Use Site Info-Import from Site, I would like to replace my data, import all tools.
        All Lessons items import, are still required (if set up), and links work to web sites and assignments (you've also saved the imported draft assignments and forums). 

      The Checklist and its Checklist items are imported, but the links in the Checklist that are associated with required Lessons items, did not import. When students perform required tasks, the Checklist items are not checked automatically on the Checklist for them. 

      Expected behavior

      1. In Lessons, add Checklist, add four checklist items: Go to web site; read file; submit assignment, submit topic posting
      2. In Lessons, add and require the following items: Link to a web site, link to uploaded file, a link to a saved Assignment, a link to a saved Topic
      3. In Checklist, click on the link icon for each item and associate each checklist item with its corresponding Lessons required item
      4. Logon as student: Student can click on web site/read file, and Checklist items are automatically updated; student can also click on the assignment and submit it and click on the forum topic link and post an item; both Checklist items are automatically updated
      5. Create a new site
      6. Go to Site Info, Import from Site, select the course with the working checklist, check all tools (Assignments, Forums, Gradebook, Lessons, Resources) 
      7. Save the Forums draft, and save the Assignment both imported
      8. In Lessons, all Lessons items imported, all required items are still required, the Checklist imported. If you move your cursor over each Checklist item, it displays a message letting you know that each Checkbox item is linked and will automatically check the Checklist item after it is completed
      9. Edit the Checklist, each checklist item should display a link icon, a broken link icon and an "x" icon. When you click on each Checklist link icon, you should see the required Lessons item it is associated with.  
        Students can complete required Lessons tasks, and the corresponding Checklist item will be automatically checked for the student.

      Actual behavior

      9. Edit the Checklist. Each checklist item displays a link icon and an "x" icon, but does not display a broken link icon. If you click on the link icon for a Checklist item, it is not associated with a required Lessons item, like it was in the original course site. 

      Students complete required Lessons tasks, but the corresponding Checklist items associated with the required tasks are not automatically checked. 

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