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    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 12.6
    • Fix Version/s: 20.0
    • Component/s: Email Archive
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      commons-net 3.6

      he code now requires a minimum of Java 1.6.

      Changes to functionality:

      • The FTP client now performs stricter checks on non-multiline command replies.
        The 3 digit code must now be followed by a space and some text, as per RFC 959.
        To suppress this stricter checking, call FTP#setStrictReplyParsing(false). This should not be needed with a well-behaved server.
        Note also that if strict checking is disabled, some functions may unconditionally strip the next character after the code, without checking it if is a space.
      • The FTP client mlistFile() method now checks for a leading space before removing it.
        If the space is missing, a MalformedServerReplyException is thrown.
        This will only happen if the FTP server is not compliant with RFC 3659.

      Notable additions:

      • The POP3Mail examples can now get password from console, stdin or an environment variable.
      • TFTPClient code has been rewritten to improve error handling and retries.

      Changes in this version include:

      Fixed Bugs:
      o NET-613: TFTPClient assumes that lastBlock == 0 only once
      o NET-320: Allow TFTPServer.java to bind to a specific network adapter Thanks to Kevin Bulebush.
      o NET-414: Apache Commons TFTP does not reject request replies that originate from a control port. Thanks to Chuck Wolber.
      o NET-477: TFTP sendFile retry broken Thanks to John Walton.
      o NET-596: NullPointerException when disconnecting TelnetClient twice with JDK 7 Thanks to Vincent Bories-Azeau.
      o NET-602: Failure to parse times from SYST_L8 systems that report as "WINDOWS Type: L8" Thanks to Ross Braithwaite.
      o NET-604: TFTP send and receive don't have progress indication Thanks to Frank Delporte.
      o NET-588: FTPClient.setPassiveNatWorkaround assumes host is outside site local range Thanks to Dave Nice / Thai H.
      o NET-610: FTPClient.mlistFile incorrectly handles MLST reply Thanks to Sergey Yanzin.
      o NET-611: FTP does not validate command reply syntax fully
      o NET-609: DefaultUnixFTPFileEntryParserFactory Issue (leading spaces removal configuration) Thanks to Tqup3.
      o NET-597: FTP fails to parse listings for Solaris 10 FTPd in Japanese Thanks to Hiroki Taniura.
      o NET-593: HostnameVerifier is called with ip addess instead of the provided hostname Thanks to Jörg Weule.
      o NET-594: TelnetClient._closeOutputStream unhandled exception from FilterOutputStream.close Thanks to Brad Worrral.
      o NET-592: plainSocket in FTPSClient is never closed Thanks to Mark Ford.

      o NET-612: Allow TFTP socket IO tracing
      o POP3Mail example: support host port; allow reading password from Console/stdin/environment
      o NET-599: Add shorthand FTPClientConfig constructor

      Historical list of changes: http://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-net/changes-report.html

      For complete information on Apache Commons Net, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
      patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Apache Commons Net website:


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