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Sitestats, Accessibility: Multiple keyboard and screen reader accessibility issues in Statistics tool



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      The Statistics tool's UI needs a significant overhaul (both in look/feel and text content) to make it usable by general users. Many existing elements of the tool are completely inaccessible to keyboard and screen reader users. Issues include (and are probably not limited to) the following:

      1. Overarching issues:
        1. All graphs/charts are keyboard and screen reader-inaccessible. Many charts include tooltips that are only available to mouse users, and all are images with no meaningful text alternatives (though some of them have titles indicating you can click them to maximize). Proposed solution: Make charts accessible.
        2. Language used throughout the tool is confusing and not meaningful to users. For example, "Content new" means "File or folder was created/uploaded OR moved from one folder to another". Moving content should produce distinct events from uploading/creating content (currently, moving a file generates two events, content.delete and content.new, as the item is removed from one place and placed as a new item elsewhere). Proposed solution: Work with T&L and UI/UX teams to reword events as shown within the tool so they are meaningful to users.
      2. Overview page:
        1. There are percentages in small text with very low contrast to background color. Proposed solution: Remove the percentages altogether or darken (and preferably also enlarge the font size on) them to be readable.
        2. The user ID displays and the instructor/administrator is expected to mouse over this to find the user's name. This tooltip is NOT keyboard accessible. Proposed solution: The user should display as Last Name, First Name (user ID) as it does in other tools like Gradebook and Assignments, and the tool tip should be removed.
        3. As in #2.2 above, hovering over the display name of a resource presented in the Resources section and hovering over the names of tools is intended to reveal file names/original tool titles (if they have been renamed by user). These are also keyboard-inaccessible. Proposed solution: These tooltips should be modified to make them available to all users or removed to be available to no one.
      3. Reports page: The heading structure is incorrect. It goes from h2 (Reports at the top of the screen) to h4 (My Reports and Reports (the predefined reports)), with no h3 in between. My Reports and the second Reports should be h3s, not h4s. Additionally, it would the text of the second Reports heading should be changed to Predefined Reports to distinguish the content underneath it from the h2 above.
      4. Reports > Add: When selecting Events by tool or by event, Users as Custom, or Totals by, selecting more than one non-consecutive item can only be done with Ctrl/Command + Click. There does not appear to be a keyboard-accessible method of selecting multiple non-consecutive items. However, when selecting Resources and Limiting to resources, items are selected with check boxes, which are keyboard-accessible. Proposed solution: Make other multi-select functionality match the Limit to resources option, or make all of the multi-select options on the page match more accessible multi-select features in other Sakai tools.
      5. Preferences page:
        1. Preferences has the same heading structure issue as the Reports page (#3 above).
        2. Under the Activity Definition section:
          • The icons cannot be accessed with a keyboard and have no text alternatives. Additionally, the click target area for  icons is too small. Proposed solution: Use a keyboard-, touch screen, and screen-reader-accessible method to expand the tool events.
          • The check box click target area is relatively small. Proposed solution: Expand the click target to include check box label text.

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