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Lombok 1.18.8



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 19.0
    • Fix Version/s: 20.0
    • Component/s: Master
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      Lombok Changelog

      v1.18.8 (May 7th, 2019)

      • FEATURE: You can now configure @FieldNameConstants to CONSTANT_CASE the generated constants, using a lombok.config option. See the FieldNameConstants documentationIssue #2092.
      • FEATURE: You can now suppress generation of the builder method when using @Builder; usually because you're only interested in the toBuilder method. As a convenience we won't emit warnings about missing @Builder.Default annotations when you do this. Issue #2046
      • FEATURE: You can now change the access modifier of generated builder classes. Issue #2083.
      • FEATURE: When using @NonNull, or any other annotation that would result in a null-check, you can configure to generate an assert statement instead. Issue #2078.
      • FEATURE: Lombok now knows exactly how to treat @com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonProperty and will copy it to the right places for example when making builders. Issue #1961 Issue #1981.
      • PLATFORM: A few lombok features (most notably delombok) failed on JDK12. Issue #2082
      • BUGFIX: var/val on methods that return an intersection type would now work in Eclipse. Issue #1986
      • BUGFIX: Fix for java6 regression if a field has javadoc. Issue #2066
      • BUGFIX: Delombok now delomboks java10's own var as var and not as the actual underlying type. Issue #2049
      • BUGFIX: If you use @Builder and manually write the build() method in your builder class, javac would error out instead of deferring to your implementation. Issue #2050 Issue #2061
      • BUGFIX: @SuperBuilder together with @Singular on non-lists would produce an erroneous emptyList call. Issue #2104.
      • IMPROBABLE BREAKING CHANGE: For fields and parameters marked non-null, if the method body starts with an assert statement to ensure the value isn't null, no code to throw an exception will be generated.
      • IMPROBABLE BREAKING CHANGE: When using ecj to compile java code with @Builder or @SuperBuilder in it, and a builder setter method was generated for a @NonNull-marked method, no explicit null check would be present. However, running javac on the exact same file would produce the null check. Now ecj also produces this null check. Issue #2120.
      • IMPROBABLE BREAKING CHANGE: We slightly changed the message of the exception lombok generates to handle @NonNull marked parameters. Issue #2122.


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