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Lessons: "Add items from another page" creates shared subpages, not copies



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 11.4, 12.6, 19.1, 20.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Lessons
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      The function to "Add items from another page" is a great and much-needed tool for copying content from one area of Lessons to another. It creates a true "copy" that can be modified without affecting the "source" content – with one exception: If the content being copied includes a subpage, the "copied" subpage becomes a "shared" page (i.e. a mirror of the source page) and not a true copy – therefore any changes to the duplicated subpage's content are automatically made on the original "source" subpage (and vice versa).

      It is inconsistent and unclear to users that "Add items from another page" results in a true (independently modify-able) copy for most content but that any subpages "copied" through this method are not copies but shared pages. When faculty begin editing these shared subpages they are surprised to find out later that they have "overwritten" and lost the content on the original (source) subpage.

      Video demonstrating the issue: https://www.screencast.com/t/zbJfCTK9WEe

      Steps to replicate:

      1. In Lessons, create 2 subpages: Week 1 and Week 2.
      2. On the Week 1 subpage, add some text (such as "welcome to week 1"). Also add a subpage called "Lecture 1" and add some text to this subpage.
      3. Go to the empty Week 2 subpage, click REORDER, then click "Add items from another page". Select the "Week 1" subpage and click "Use selected item". Click SAVE to add all of the content to the Week 2 subpage.
      4. Click "Index of pages" and note that the two "Lecture" subpages are shared.
      5. Go back to the Week 2 subpage. Edit the text and the subpage title to reference week 2. Go to the Week 1 subpage and notice that these changes did not transfer. This is good – changes to content in Week 2 did not affect Week 1!
      6. Go back to the Week 2 subpage, and click on the Lecture subpage. Edit the text to make some changes and save. Go to the Week 1 subpage, click on the Lecture subpage, and notice that the change you made over in Week 2 was automatically made here. The unaware user now realizes that the Lecture subpage content in Week 1 has been overwritten by changes made to Week 2, and the original Week 1 Lecture content is lost.

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