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T&Q: Students cannot see any feedback on short answer/essay questions


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      If instructor chooses settings to release all feedback to students, students cannot see any feedback for short answer/essay questions – students cannot see model answer or feedback entered on the question, and they cannot see any comments or attachments added by the instructor when grading.

      The good news is students can see feedback and instructor comments on all other question types we tested, including T/F, multiple choice, student audio response, and file upload.

      Problem with short answer/essay happens on 19.x and trunk/master
      Problem does not happen on 12.x

      Steps to replicate:

      1. Create a test, and add 2 questions:
        > Short answer/essay - be sure to enter text in "model answer" and "feedback" boxes.
        > As a control, add another question of type T/F, multiple choice, or something else. Put some text in the correct & incorrect feedback boxes.
      2. In Settings, under Grading and Feedback, choose "Feedback on Submission". Also choose "Release Questions and the following" and check all boxes.
      3.  Publish the test.
      4. As a student, take and submit the test.
      5. As instructor, grade the test.
        > On short answer/essay question, enter points and put some text in the "Comments for Student" box. You can add an attachment if you want.
        > On the other question, put some text in the "Comments for Student" box.
      6. Log in as a student, go to Test & Quizzes, and view feedback for the assessment.
        > For the short answer/essay question, the student cannot see the model answer, the feedback, the comments typed by the instructor, or the attachment.
        > For the other question, the student can see the question feedback and the comments typed by the instructor.

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