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samigo: Improve text of warning in confirmation when deleting Draft quizzes


    • Test Plan:
      1. Create a new quiz.
      2. Choose to delete the quiz.
      3. In the delete confirmation window, make sure it warns you that you shouldn't delete draft quizzes that you plan to reuse.


      When you delete quizzes, a confirmation alert pops up with the following text:

      Are you sure you want to remove these assessments?

      While assessments with submissions can't be deleted (which is also a problem, per SAK-34112 and linked), there's no warning about the implications of deleting a Draft quiz, namely, that you can't duplicate/export/reuse published copies. The text of the confirmation alert should include details of this, for example:

      Are you sure you want to remove these assessments?

      Note: It is not recommended to delete Draft assessments that you plan to edit, export, or reuse in other sites. You cannot export published assessments.

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