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Overview - The button tooltip or title (when moused over) is too long



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: OPEN
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 19.2, 20.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Accessibility, Home
    • Labels:
    • Test Plan:
      1. In a site, hover over the "Overview" tool in the left menu
      2. Ensure the tooltip isn't extremely long
      3. Ensure the tooltip makes sense and properly describes the Overview tool



      When the user is in another site tool and hovers over the "Overview" tool, the tooltip or title can be extremely long depending on the tools added to the course or project site.

      If a site manager adds "Announcements," "Calendar," "Chat," and "Forums," the tooltip or title when someone hovers over the "Overview" tool in the left menu is: 

      "Overview - For displaying the site's description | For displaying recent announcements, updated as new events arrive | For viewing a summary of calendar events | For displaying unread discussion and forum topic messages for all sites or a site | For displaying recent chat messages, updated as new messages arrive"

      Compare this to the "Announcements" tooltip:

      "Announcements - For posting and viewing current, time-critical information"

      For reference, here is the "Overview" tool description in "Site Info" > "Manage Tools":

      "For providing an overview of the site, including the site's description and recent announcements, messages, and events."

      And here are examples of a few other tooltips for some common tools:

      • Gradebook - For storing, calculating, and viewing grades
      • Assignments - For posting, submitting, and grading assignments online
      • Syllabus - For posting an outline of the site's information, such as objectives, requirements, policies, and expectations

      Screenshot: Hover tooltip for Overview

      Screenshot: Hover tooltip for Announcements


      For the tooltip or hover on the "Overview" tool, perhaps change to either the main tool description (from Site Info > Manage Tools) or an alternate description that is more succinct and consistent with the other tooltips?

      Here's my quick suggestion – totally open to edits/changes by the community –

      "Overview - For displaying the site's description and recent activity notices for common tools like Announcements, Calendar, Chat, and Forums"

      If a set description is provided, a possible added bonus might be the removal of some of the code that checks "Overview" and the site menu for the additional tools (Chat, Announcements, etc.) and updates the title.  While it might not save a ton of code or a very much system processing time, it could potentially lighten the code base a bit?  (Maybe?)

      Thanks for considering this feature request/suggestion.

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